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  • Product name:3200 Long net multi cylinder culture paper machine
  • Classification:Cultural paper machine
  • Add time:2022-02-09
  • Unit Price:¥ 780000.00
  • Product brand:Jindelong Paper Machine Machinery
  • Product number:JDL-3200mm
  • Product variety:Cultural paper, writing paper
  • Copying:40-100 g/㎡
  • Net paper width:3200mm
  • Yield:30-40 t/d
  • Working speed:200-250 m/min
  • Design speed:300 m/min
    • Hotline:400-155-3117
    Product introduction:




    1.The packaging is a wooden box (size: length * width * height). For fumigation in wooden boxes, or use polyethylene film (PE) packaging.

    2.Different products will use different packaging methods, waterproof membranes, straw ropes, cartons, etc. to ensure product integrity.

    3.We can provide multiple modes of transportation such as sea, land, air, etc., which are shipped from Shanghai, Tianjin, and Qingdao ports.


    1.Provide comprehensive technical support and business consulting services.

    2.Provide customers with the most suitable technical solutions and papermaking equipment.

    3.Design customized target products according to customers' special requirements.