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  Qinyang Paper Machinery Factory Jin Delong is a high-tech enterprise that designs, manufactures and sells pulp and paper machinery equipment. Mainly produce various types of fabric fast machine\single cylinder single net, multi-cylinder multi-net, multi-cylinder long net, overlapping net multi-cylinder paper machine and other equipment. The newly developed high-speed tissue paper machine and multi-cylinder long wire paper machine, surface sizing machine, Furdrinier headbox, high-speed cage toilet paper machine and other new products. With excellent performance and energy-saving effect, after the use of new and old customers, the working quality of the machine is stable. (Used in paper that can be used for recycling waste paper, printing scrap paper, books, newspapers, cartons, and wood and wheat straw, bamboo, sugar cane, etc.), can produce high, medium and low-grade toilet paper, high-strength corrugated paper, burning paper, firecracker paper, Culture paper, newsprint, writing paper, kraft paper, test paper, carton packaging paper, paper bags, fruit paper bags, felt paper, etc.

  The factory has strong technical force and complete process equipment; the product has strict service testing methods, which can independently debug the factory, and factory monitoring engineers provide normal equipment services as before. The product is sold in more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions and exported to Vietnam, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, and Uganda.

  With the enterprise goal of "Quality Gold, Honest Shooter", our factory warmly welcomes new and old customers, merchants and friends from all over the world to negotiate business, work together, support each other, seek common development, and mutually beneficial cooperation!

  Company profile: Jindelong Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, production, sales and after-sales service of papermaking machinery and pulping equipment. Since its establishment in 2007, Jindelong has been adhering to the principle of "seeking quality with integrity and establishing integrity". The enterprise survival concept always follows the enterprise spirit of "honesty and promise, cooperation and win-win", do our best to do pre-sale and after-sale work of customers, and adhere to the development concept of "synchronizing with the paper industry and walking with the world". The main production paper machine And papermaking equipment, producing various specifications of high-speed toilet paper machines, crescent-type toilet paper machines, corrugated paper machines, cultural paper writing paper machines, kraft paper machines and garden paper machines, long net paper machines, stacked net paper machines .We mainly produce paper-making machinery, pulp equipment and other related parts. We pay attention to quality and customer needs, and continuously improve our technology and services. We have brought together a technical team composed of engineering and technical personnel and experts with more than 20 years of production experience, It enables us to process all kinds of paper-making machinery, making us competitive in the market.